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Matt February 5, 2009
The Lion King was without question the best Broadway show I've ever seen. From costumes to the lighting, the sets to the music, the choreography to the singing, and all the incredible little details in between, the cast put on a memorable performance that we won't soon forget. I purchased my tickets through Entertainment-Link, and must admit that it was the most successful ticket buying experience I've had to date. Having a very specific date in mind to see the show, I had a terrible time finding tickets a week before the show, let alone affordable ones. Yet somehow I stumbled upon Entertainment-Link, which found me incredible tickets (Orchestra section, 12 rows back, dead center stage!) for practically face value 4 days before the show! From what I had seen at every other website, I thought for sure I'd be paying DOUBLE! I highly recommend Entertainment-Link to anyone looking for Lion King Tickets, or any Broadway show for that matter.
Kathleen October 20, 2013
wonderful detail and pagentry; everything I was led to believe! And the ticket price was great!
Anonymous October 8, 2013
Anonymous May 26, 2013
Absolutely a wonderful performance! Loved it!
Anonymous May 26, 2013
Great show ! Excellent production, sound was very clear, lights perfect, scenery and clothing over breathing. The only negative point is that some actors seemed to me below the request of spectacle.
Anonymous November 19, 2012
Even the fact that the heating in the theatre was not working and it was very cold, could not detract from the wonderful show. Costumes, choreography and actors all fantastic. I recommend this to everyone.
Brian August 6, 2012
The show was fabulous. The staging and the costumes were the best we ever saw.
Joy April 29, 2012
"Wow" - that is all the woman in the seat next to me kept saying! Visually stimulating, just a wonder! The technical complexity of the show was tansparent to you as you watched, only on reflection did you realize how much work went into costuming, set and technical set up. The preformers were billant, Rafiki stole my heart, what a voice! A performance you will not want to miss.
Lori August 13, 2011
What a spectacle! The characters are gorgeous, the music is as beautiful as in the movie, and we loved it! The only negatives were the original songs - we found them somewhat boring, and the 2nd act lagged a little in the middle. But overall the entire production is just thrilling!
Anonymous July 19, 2011
Very enjoyable - seats were great.
Carrie July 12, 2011
The Lion King was brilliant from the time it started through till the end. Voices were breath taking and the costumes were amazing. I would recommend it 2 everyone. Thank you for such a brilliant show!
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