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Georgia May 21, 2012
Wonderful show!!!! One of the best I've ever seen. Little risque for children but fabulous!!!!
Anonymous May 14, 2012
Funny, entertaining and overall a good show. Will tell all my friends about it. The show has adult content - not good for kids.
Donald May 9, 2012
Many laughs, laughs, LAUGHS! Would see again.
Anonymous April 19, 2012
Hilarious show~my daughter is 16 & although there were a few bum shots she thought it was great! I'd see it again in a New York minute! Costuming & the sets were wonderful.
Nancy April 1, 2012
Girls night out in NYC!!! This was a fantastic musical that had us laughing, crying, and dancing in our seats! The costumes were phenomenal as well as the props. My friends were skeptical about seeing this play and were thanking me several times afterwards! I bought the tickets through Entertainment Link and got a great price for the seats we were in. (Front Mezz) All in all... this was a WIN from the moment I bought the tickets, to the last Cosmo of the night!
Jerri February 26, 2012
We try to see a Broadway Show once a month ... this was one of the best we've seen in a long time. The costumes and music were awesome, as were the 3 main characters. What a fun-filled 2-1/2 hours!!!
Anonymous February 21, 2012
Over the top! So much fun and the costuming was spectacular. Wouldn't not recommend for kids under 16, however. The music was wonderful, as we knew most of the songs. Would recommend as a fun, charged evening!
Mike February 12, 2012
Such an adorable show and apart from the lead being unable to sing the performance I saw, it left me feeling far better than when I arrived. It is a show I would watch again for the heart and soul of a great piece of entertaining theatre.
Sunny January 16, 2012
We thought the show was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed it from the opening of the curtain, to the finale!
charles November 16, 2011
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