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Anonymous September 14, 2012
Anonymous July 13, 2012
Superlative. Voices and music are outstanding. A true classic.
Lev Gurevich June 14, 2012
Everything was great: both the show itself and the seats. The musical has won 2 Tony Awards but deserved more. One of the best, maybe the best one I've ever seen on Broadway!
Anonymous June 13, 2012
Loved the show!! Cast is magnificent, but 65 steps from the ladies room to the front mezzanine is very hard on arthritic knees.
Anonymous June 10, 2012
great show
Catherine May 15, 2012
Absolutely the best most dynamic "Porgy and Bess" ever. The singing and acting was enough to take my breath away - and I am a singer. Loved the entire production including the supporting cast's singing and dancing. Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis and, and, and were vocally and theatrically superb!
Anonymous April 12, 2012
I have seen this opera many times. This was the first time seeing it as a Broadway production. I loved it. It was the best of all the productions I have seen. The singers were super as was the dancing. I am so used to seeing David Allen Grier as an actor only. I was surprised to see how good a singer and dancer. He was superb.
Ronnie April 10, 2012
Excellent show. Excellent cast. Very good seats in Center Front Mezzanine, Row E. Very enjoyable event.
Annmarie January 24, 2012
The play was WONDERFUL!!!!! The seats were really uncomfortable.
Barbara January 20, 2012
"Porgy and Bess" is one of my favorite shows. I try to see it at every opportunity. This was by far the best production I have seen!!! Barbara
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