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Mark December 18, 2011
An updated version of Godspell hits the mark with a small cast all of whom are principal singers in their own right, some beautiful blends of voices reminiscent of Spring Awakening. The first half is light and fun with much interaction. The second half becomes brooding as befits the build up to the "crucifiction" which was cleverly managed. Staged in the round which is not my favourite but staged brilliantly so you never felt you were behind the action. The scattering of the excellent band around the auditorium was a clever touch. Highly recommended.
Anonymous May 21, 2012
The show was wonderful and the seats were excellent. I could not have asked for better. Thank you!
Joyce May 17, 2012
My friends and I enjoyed Godspell yesterday afternoon. The actor playing Jesus (Corbin Bleu) was fabulous. In fact the entire cast was knowledgable and gave a faultless performance. Jesus is portrayed as a young hippie, accessible to his friends. It is a parody of biblical concepts, with a lengthy message about the Prodigal Son. The music is superb and the show conveys a beautiful Christian message of love and goodwill. I would not think any child under 14 could grasp its concepts and doubt its entertainment value to the very young. There were, however, 3 or 4 children in the audience and several high school students.
Cheryl May 1, 2012
WE LOVED IT!!! The up-to-date references were spot on, the staging was great and the musicians were tremendous. Corbin Bleu is a wonderful Jesus and the rest of the cast was fabulous. I highly recommend this show!!!
Anonymous April 23, 2012
Great show for an entire family spanning 3 generations
Jon April 21, 2012
The dialog between the production numbers has been updated, which threw me at first, but once I remembered that the point was to tell the Biblical stories in a modern context, it made sense. The cast was very talented. It was the best singing I've heard on Broadway since "Hair."
Anonymous April 11, 2012
This was a fantastic show! I wish I could make another trip to the city right away so I could see it again. The cast was fantastic! Musicians were excellent, too!
Anonymous March 5, 2012
What a great update from the 1970's. It was what I hoped for. So cool that Stephen Schwartz first and last musical are side by side, day by day. Circle in the Square is the perfect venue. If you loved this in the 70's you will love it now.
Anonymous March 4, 2012
an absolutely wonderful performance by all! Everything and everyone was perfect!
Anonymous February 15, 2012
Keeping this short and sweet - what a wonderful theatre experience! The cast was fabulous - the songs powerful, the music terrific and the rendition from the original - absolutely perfect for today's society. We brought two Chinese exchange students and they loved it! Although they didn't understand all the words due to their limitations in English, they loved the youthful cast, the music/songs, the high energy and the joyful messages. The performance was a perfect fit for the theatre in the round as this is the type of production that is enhanced by the audience by being intricately close to the performers. In review - I think I enjoyed this more than the original production. Strongly recommend you catch this with the current cast! It's truly an experience worth your money!!
Anonymous January 30, 2012
Great show, fabulous cast...great afternoon
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