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Anonymous April 18, 2005
Excellent show. Amazing costumes.
Anonymous April 12, 2005
My family were never keen to go to the theatre, and particularly to see the Lion King as it was one of their least favourite Disney movies. However, they they thoroughly enjoyed the show. We had great seats!
Jacki April 11, 2005
I thought the show was wonderful. The costuming was fantastic and after a few minutes you weren't even aware of the the people behind the costumes. The music was wonderful and I would reccomend this to anyone.
Anonymous April 2, 2005
It was a great show, everyone in your family will love it, don't miss it! Our seats were great.
Anonymous March 26, 2005
Awesome! Ultimate creativity! There is so much to this show that I feel I must see it again. I would find myself so busy watching one aspect (for example the technical) that I would forget to watch what was happening.
Anonymous March 19, 2005
I have had the opportunity to see many shows on Broadway and this is one of the best I have seen! Would recommend it to anyone!
Anonymous March 15, 2005
THis is the fourth time I have seen the play and it just keeps getting better.
Anonymous March 7, 2005
dynamic, holds your attention, colorful scenes, and quality singing
Jeanna February 17, 2005
The Lion King was fabulous. The color, sets, costumes and movement amazing. I recommend it for all age groups - but may be too long for under 5.
Michael February 17, 2005
The best play, I have seen bar none...super. I was totally in a daze viewing everything. Super singers..male and female...the characters voices fit their characters...every should see.
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