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Alan December 13, 2004
Wonderful show. I wish I could have sat in the Orchestra but could not get better than the KK of Mezzanine. It was the 3rd time I had seen it but this time with friends from Cape Cod that had not. They loved it.
James December 12, 2004
Everyone had a great time. The costumes were out of this world.
Bonnie November 22, 2004
The family thoroughly enjoyed the show. The sets and music were fantastic. Utterly entertaining.
Colin November 6, 2004
An excellent show - wonderful costumes & dancing - very different from any other show we've seen. We had good seats, however we were not told we could not get our tickets till half an hour before the performance so wasted some time queueing the day before.
John October 31, 2004
The most beautiful production I have ever seen!
Nancyjean October 27, 2004
What an incredible show! I did not expect to love it, since I had seen the movie. ("How could it be that much better?") It WAS. The staging, the acting, the amazingly creative costuming and ingenious formation of the animals was better than I could ever have imagined. I had forgotten how beautiful the theatre is, and it made the experience that much better. My 28-year-old step-daughter suggested it, and I'm very grateful she did! (N. Nettles, Charleston, SC)
ramon October 26, 2004
Absolutely awesome! The way they portrayed the animals and scenery was both creative and beautiful. A must see for anyone wanting to see a Broadway play. I have never seen a production so grand.
Diane October 4, 2004
I did not attend this event myself. They were purchased at a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride who honeymooned in NYC. They loved it!!
Dr Ellis October 1, 2004
One of the best shows WE have ever attended. Innovative-creative etc.
Claire September 25, 2004
Great show for all ages. Amazing costumes.
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