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Leola March 19, 2004
Thank you for making our trip to NYC to see the Lion King one of the best times we've had....the seats you obtained for us were awesome...We loved the show and hope to contact you regarding getting tickets for many more shows in the future...You are the best!!!
James March 10, 2004
visually stunning; costumes and lighting were incredible and of course the music was inspiring. the cast presented the production well. The entire presentation was well worth the money
William March 2, 2004
Very creative production. The only issue was rude and loud patrons who had no idea of what a creative show is like.
Lynn February 23, 2004
It was a fabulous evening enjoyed by young and old alike!
Phil February 23, 2004
I was the best show that we have ever attended!The theatre was incredible, I've never seen such a beautiful place. My wife and I, and our three kids LOVED the show!
Brian February 22, 2004
Show was incredible! But the theater seating is horrible. If your over 6'0" tall there is no leg room. I had leg cramps during the show. Other than that the theater is very nice.
Lawrence February 22, 2004
This show was a great production. A must see again.
Kelsey February 12, 2004
I definitely recommend Entertainment Link to get tickets! We were worried about getting them online, but the seats were great and we had a wonderful time. Thank you!!
Mary Ann February 5, 2004
This was the easiest way I've found yet to order Broadway tickets. The convenience alone is worth millions!! I will be purchasing more tickets in the future. Thank You!! Mary Ann R.
Dina January 31, 2004
This was one of the best plays I have seen. Everything was excellent...the music...the singing...the costumes!! I would definetely love to see it again!!! My son who is 13 was not looking forward to it since he thought the play would be too childish for him and not "cool". Well he agreed that it was one of the best shows that he has seen also!!
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