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Debra January 12, 2004
This is a faboulous show. I could see it over and over again. I can see why it has been running for so many years!
Robert December 20, 2003
This was an awesome performance. We (12 yr old and 3 adults)were all we're amazed at the costumes, the colors and the music. I would love to see it again. The New Amsterdam is beautiful. We sat in the balcony center and could see everything very well. (It's very tight up there so I gave the venue a 4. Our knees were right up against the back of the seat in front of us. This was minor.) It's a great theatre otherwise and the performance was perfect! Entertainment Link was a great way to get the tix.
Norma December 16, 2003
Wonderful show, would see it again, if have the opportunity.
Marilyn December 10, 2003
The best of our 6 plays we saw this past weekend! Excellent!!
james November 18, 2003
Lavish production and very creative use of costumes and staging. Liked everything about it.
beth November 14, 2003
Fantastic choreography and costumes
James November 3, 2003
Great costumes and singing. We also had great seats.
FRANK October 29, 2003
GREAT theater, great costumes, good seats (though somewhat cramped by theater design. Well worth the visit -- even though we had to share the weekday matinee with several school groups (hey, how else are they going to learn theater etiquette?)
Martha October 27, 2003
This was the best show I have ever been to. The music, costumes, scenery...all spectacular. Everyone should see this.
Edward October 24, 2003
Great staging,fantastic costuming,excellent continuity. Sound was somewhat off. Rema Webb as "Nala" was superb, as was the entire cast. Hope it wasn't recorded and lip synced, seemed to be at some junctures. Took my 10 year old grand daughter who loved it! Ed Williams JCFD1579@OPTONLINE.NET
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