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Mary August 5, 2007
Beautifully performed and much funnier than I ever expected! A very delightful show.
Manish August 1, 2007
Great show!
Anonymous June 5, 2007
A delightful musical with wonderful sets, great music and top notch venue with modern acoustics. A feast for the senses-don't dare to miss it if you're in NYC.
Anonymous October 15, 2006
Enjoyed it and discovered the characters who ended up in the Wizard of Oz. A fun evening of imagination!
Anonymous September 25, 2006
The show was great. Clever story line , good music. Very entertaining. If I could have seen the seats before I purchased them, I would not have bought them. Entertainment-Link needs to show available seating before you are required to purchase.
Anonymous September 18, 2006
We really enjoyed the show. The two witches' voices were phenomenal. The show's scenery and the costumes were terrific. My 14 year old niece loved it.
Kathleen August 25, 2006
Amazing show! The cast was wonderful! We were in the last row of the orchestra and some of the scenery was obstructed. Not great seats, but a wonderful show.
Anonymous August 3, 2006
The show is delightful; great voices, terrific costumes, neat set, and a fun story. Perfect for kids and teens, but our party was 6 adult women and we all loved it. The view from the front mezzanine was very good, though the theater is large. But it was very hard to hear, particularly at the beginning of the show and after intermission. Spring for a headset to enjoy every word.
Anonymous August 2, 2006
Really enjoyed the show. The plot was a little "stretched" feeling - attempting to explain where the Oz characters came from - but the performance was great! The event was sold out (Saturday night) but there were several empty seats, including much of the row behind us. Too bad the theater can't sell those tickets on a standby basis.
Anonymous June 19, 2006
My entire family enjoyed this musical, (four of us between the ages of 19 to 51.) Overall nice tunes like "Popular". Best song most definitely though is "Defying Gravity"- very dramatic! Gave me goose bumps. Highly recommended for teenage girls.
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