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suhyun October 15, 2003
The play was WONDERFUL!!! I can hardley describe its beauty and power and emotion in the voices of the cast. Worth it at twice the price.
Ian October 10, 2003
Costumes, effects and vocals superb - well worth a visit - no matter your age
Robert October 9, 2003
My wife and I went to see the Lion King yesterday in NYC. ( Oct 8th) The show was amazing! Our seats were some of the best in the house. When I first received my tickets, I thought they would not be so good. They were in an upper level. My fears were forgiven once the show started. Beautiful theatre, wonderful show, and fabulous memories for us forever. Thanks Entertainment-Link for providing us with great seats and a lifetime of memories! Bob and Jane Holl
Ellen October 8, 2003
Absolutely Wonderful!!!Costumes were awesome!!!Music great!!!The theatre was beautiful!Thank you for all the talented performers...
Neil October 2, 2003
I can only say three words - Fab - U - Lous!
sandra October 2, 2003
One awesome production from beginning to end!! I highly recommend that everyone see the Lion King at least once. You won't be disappointed.
Sarah September 19, 2003
fabulous!!! you forget how much little leg room you have in your seat because you are so mesmerized by the show! it was wonderful - unbelievable costumes!
Martha September 16, 2003
We took our ll year old grandson, he enjoyed it tremendously. Happy to report grandpa loved it too.
Suzanne August 26, 2003
I can not believe I waited so long to see this absolutely SPECTACULAR show!!! It was imaginative and beautiful beyond words. Our seats (provided by Entertainment-Link.com) were an outstanding value. I could not have asked for a better time.
Brent August 24, 2003
Absolutly an experience not to be missed. The sets, costumes, characters, not to mention the enthusiasm of the cast is worth whatever the ticket price may be. We bought on short notice and paid $250 each for 3rd row center orchestra, but is was worth every penny. It is truly a play by which others can be measured. If you go to the Lion King and don't enjoy it, then stay away from high places because you must be severely depressed. It is something you will never forget!
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