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Anonymous January 27, 2006
This is a great play -- high energy and great talent. unfortunately our seats in the mezz were right at the front and the railing across the front blocked our vission
Anonymous November 20, 2005
Wicked was good and had moments of billiance. Wasn't my favorite show but was definitely at the top of the list. Our seats were fantastic.
Valentina September 15, 2005
We enjoyed your play very much, with Saycon Sengbloh playing one of the leads, with her dynamic voice and acting ability! Very fast paced and energetic lady.
Mark January 21, 2005
This was a very good production. It was a first-time theater going experience for my wife and son, and both thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this production, with the condition that some younger children might find it too scary.
Judith October 4, 2004
The show was a lot of fun.
Marie October 2, 2004
This was a great play, with a great set. I was in the last row balcony and could still everything.
Stan August 30, 2004
Creative, original presentation with strong message about tolerance, acceptance, and power. Disappointing ending.
Gilberto April 25, 2004
I quite enjoyed this show. I had wanted to see it here in San Francisco, but I missed it. Nothing better than seeing it in New York!!
Raymond February 21, 2004
Overall 3.5 out of five. Excessively long-a twenty minute to half hour could be chopped off in time and not missed at all. A good show, not great.
Dorothy February 16, 2004
Beautiful production, the sets were amazing. Music was an extra, not really memorable, except for a couple of numbers. Show was fresh and thoroughly entertaining.
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