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Anonymous October 8, 2007
Anonymous October 4, 2007
Fabulous, great music, just excellent for all ages. We were impressed with everything.
SUE September 15, 2007
The Lion King is a great show, everything about the production is brilliant! If you get the chance go see it.
Anonymous August 24, 2007
We have been to numerous Broadway plays and musicals, and we were amazed with the entire production; the performers were astounding, and the stage artistry was incredible. This amazing musical placed a spell on the entire audience of all ages. It was truly an unbelievable affair, and it made our New York trip with our young neice and nephew an event that will always be etched in all of our memories!!!
Anonymous August 14, 2007
The Lion King is amazing. I recommend seeing it before it leaves Broadway. The costumes, singing, specials affects, acting.....everything was so great. It's like nothing that you've ever seen before. Very entertaining...even for my 93 yr old grandmother who hadn't seen the movie.
Anonymous August 13, 2007
Great show. Big Theatre. A natural favorite.
Thomas August 10, 2007
Show was excellent. Seats were great and theatre is first rate.
Cindy August 10, 2007
Fantastic! The seats were very good. In the middle several rows up in the mezz. but I ordered last minute. We still had a wonderful view. My daughter and I enjoyed the experience. Wonderful costumes. CV
jeanne August 6, 2007
Fabulous - wonderful - we have seen it SF - but nothing like seeing it NYC!!!!! A must see!!!
Suzanne July 28, 2007
The Lion King was great. However, subscribing to Entertainment-link was a waste of our money since they did not have discount tickets. So, we paid the ticket price plus our subscription to our one time stay in New York. Wish I would have known!
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