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Christine July 16, 2007
The Lion King was a great show for people of all ages to enjoy!
Anonymous June 25, 2007
A Broadway show for a military reunion in NY City was a must - The Lion King appealled to all 8 of us, even though some of us had seen it before. The entire experience was fantastic. Tickets were easily purchased, arrived in a timely manner. The theater was lovely - fresh and comfortable. The production was wonderful. I would highly recommend it for a "first" musical theater experience for anyone - but delightful for those who are musical junkies!
Anonymous June 20, 2007
The Lion King is worth every penny you spend for your ticket. The best show I have seen in a long time.
Ronda June 1, 2007
The Minskoff Theater is great - all seats are good seats. The Lion King is a wonderful experience on Broadway! This was our first true on-Broadway show, and we loved it! Wish we didn't live across the country so that we could attend more shows. Entertainment-Link.com is a great website for getting good prices on Broadway tickets. Give them a try!
Paula May 21, 2007
This performance was everything we expected. Spectacular! Seats were GREAT! We were a little surprised to receive our tickes in the mail...after being told they would be held at the theatre box office. I would recommend your service. Thanks!
Anonymous April 16, 2007
Fantastic visuals, awesome vocals, terrific show, new favorite, wonderful for all ages!not a bad seat in the house.
Anonymous April 6, 2007
Fantastic sets, storyline, music. COSTUMES! What more can one want?
Virginia March 19, 2007
This was my second time seeing The Lion King and I loved it just as much as the first time! The theatre was superb! The cast was spectacular! I'll probably see it a third time!
Anonymous February 25, 2007
The Lion King exceeded my expections on every level. A splendid display of imagination, creativity, and talent. We had great seats--Balcony Row Q seat 107-109--they were expensive but worth every penny.
Anonymous January 29, 2007
Amazing how audience members in the balcony can feel part of the action during those times when actors appear in the house complete with flying birds. No matter how well you know the movie, this is a spectacle well worth seeing.
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