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Newark Star-Ledger
Altogether, a lively time with lots of laughs awaits theatergoers who take a trip to "Avenue Q."
The show, on view at the Golden Theatre, has a sassy charm, a quirky sense of humor that successfully negotiates two very different styles that take these Muppet-style creatures much further than Jim Henson ever went.
Bergen Record
Most of the show has an impressive sharpness, along with a good heart.
New York Daily News
...an irreverence that keep you laughing from the second the curtain goes up until its triumphant fall.
New York Post
A mix of real people and puppets often more real than the people "Avenue Q" is a long way from "Sesame Street." In fact, if it were a film it would be rated NC-17, with four-letter words and explicit puppet sex...
New York Times
...savvy, sassy and eminently likable...
...a sort of entry-level musical for overeducated, underemployed college graduates with no prospects but plenty of idealism about making a difference in the world.
USA Today