The Theater At Madison Square Garden

Thu, Oct 12 @ 8:00 PM
Leningrad is bringing its smashing program titled 20 Years for Joy to the United States. Only two concerts on the occasion of the band�s 20 years anniversary will be performed in the U.S.

Sergey Shnurov once said: �People have different prejudices, but one dream. And this dream turned out to be American.� Looks like Shnur and his fantastic band�s dreams have all come true, the American dream several times. Now the U.S. audience�s dream will also come true: it will see the long-awaited band which has been giving joy to millions of people around the globe. It�s not a coincidence that the anniversary program the band is bringing to the United States is titled 20 Years for Joy: their concerts are always a pure and sheer happiness on both sides of the stage.

The Leningrad band led by intellectual and hooligan Sergey Shnurov has long outgrown the borders of all music genres and become a cultural phenomenon covered not only by critical articles but also by separate scientific research papers. Shnurov, whose motto is �not to get bored,� had gone through all stages from punk to glamor hooligan; he was named one of top three leaders by Russian Forbes in 2016.

Shnur�s work is a vivid encyclopedia of his era. It includes all characters and stories of modern Russia. The musician himself says Leningrad belongs to the ancient Russian tradition of buffoonery and people�s theatre, when a performer wearing a fool�s hat could go unpunished even telling the truth flat out.

This year Shnurov�s �traveling circus� (as dubbed by the singer himself) turns 20. Their songs have been pulled apart as scathing quotes and become truly popular. The band�s cooperation with leading Russian music video makers gave birth to a number of staggering music videos. All of them gained tens of millions of views in record timing after being released. The examples include �ZOZH,� �V Pitere Pit,� �Ochki Sobchak,� �Kolshchik,� and the legendary �Exponat.�

The audience will hear Leningrad�s best hits of the recent years live for the first time: �Obezyana i Orel,� �Exponat,� �Kolshchik,� �V Pitere Pit,� �Ochki Sobchak.� They will also have a chance to see the band�s new female singers, Vasilisa Starshova and Florida Chanturia. The anniversary program will include not only band�s new songs, full of optimism and sophisticated irony, but also tried-and-true reckless hits. The NYC and SF concerts of Leningrad will be flooded with songs, the heat of the horn section, and, as put by Shnur, eschatological exaltation of the audience.

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ticket prices:
$56.00 - $156.00
The Theater At Madison Square Garden
venue address:
2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121
venue bio:
The Theater at Madison Square Garden was, for many years, the home to the holiday show, A Christmas Carol. It has also been the venue for the NFL Draft, CBS Television's Fall Premiere, Con Edison's Shareholder Meetings, Corporate Employee Meetings, College Graduations, and Religious Conferences. The Theater is a very, very large venue, although the last row is only 177 feet from center stage. It can seat from 2,500 to 5,600.
members' rating of venue:
mass transport:
1/2/3/9/A/C/E to 34th Street/Penn Station
There are ramped entrances from 7th Avenue. Two wheelchair lifts allow users to move from the street level to the venue's mall level. Elevators fro the disabled are located at Tower A.



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