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Mary Poppins

Audiences = 4.6

Running since October 2006
The classic songs of the Disney movie are used in this family-friendly megamusical, telling the tale of that charming nanny of Edwardian London in a perfectly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious manner.

The Broadway production of Mary Poppins closed March 3, 2013. For current Broadway show listings and tickets, please click here.

While perhaps not at the level of the high-concept "Lion King," this mammoth Broadway musical is certainly one of the best efforts of the "Big Mouse," and a very good choice for a discerning theatre-going family.

Somewhat brightened up from its London run, it combines the songs of the Disney movie with some interesting shadings of the original story, making for an entertainment which is certainly the rafter-raising, stage-filling spectacle that Main Stem audiences expect, but also has a nugget or two within of interesting theatre.

While the focus of the story is the troubled family, and the wit and wisdom that the new nanny brings (prompting the wags at the NY Times to dub it "Nanny 911: The Musical"), the magic here is interpersonal, not fairy dust. But yes, the umbrella still flies....and replicas are reportedly flying off the shelves at the souvenir stands as well!

Here's a promotional video for the show:



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