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Spring Awakening (2006)

Audiences = 4.5

Running since: November, 2006
An alt-rock adaptation of Wedekind's controversial drama of youthful desire, the show received the best set of reviews in recent seasons. Now featuring Hunter Parrish (from TV's "Weeds") in the heartthrob role.

The Broadway production of Spring Awakening closed January 18, 2009. For current Broadway show listings and tickets, please click here.

Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater's youthful and risque treatment of a 19th century play about adolescent sexual awakening is one of the more "blue" efforts ever on Broadway - think Chicago as performed by the kids on "TRL". Best for mature audiences, as the fogeys will probably leave a little shocked and disappointed (as likely was the case back in 1891). Full plot here.

The show originally premiered at the Atlantic Theater Company, and surfed a steady tide of buzz all the way to the 2006 Tony's, where it won 8 awards, including Best Musical. Definitely best for the young adult audience (and those with relatively recent memories of having been part of it).

There are 25 $30 onstage seats sold for each performance - you have to get there on time, put any personal belongings in a backstage locker, and be prepared for several hundred folks to be looking in your general direction for a couple hours.

Mature Audiences - adult themes, much depiction of sex.

May be inappropriate for 13 and under. (Spring Awakening is recommended for mature audiences - for strong language, brief nudity, and adult themes.) Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in theatre.

Here's a bit of press reel - warning, mature language:



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