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The Norman Conquests: Trilogy


New in 2009
Three interconnected comedies by Alan Ayckbourn, performed in rotating rep....Variety calls the trilogy a "richly rewarding revival" that "delivers more laughs than ought to be legal."
Winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Play.

The Broadway production of The Norman Conquests closed July 26, 2009. For current Broadway show listings and tickets, please click here.

From the producers:

A trio of comedies set over one weekend at a home in the English countryside. Each play takes place in a different locations around the house: the dining room in Table Manners, the living room in Living Together, and the garden in Round and Round the Garden. The ingenious result is that as plots unfold, something seemingly incidental in one play takes on a hysterical new context in the next.

Table Manners: the events of the weekend as seen from the dining room. In which Reg finds food scarce despite having it thrown at him by Sarah…Sarah is scandalized by Annie…Annie is disappointed by men in general and Tom in particular…Tom knocks down Norman…Norman’s romantic proposals are ruined thanks to Ruth…Ruth loses her patience, her temper and her glasses…and in which everyone has trouble deciding where to sit.

Living Together: the events of the weekend as seen from the sitting room. In which Reg is driven mad by Tom…Tom tells Annie a thing or two…Annie nearly comes to blows with Sarah…Sarah sees a different side of Norman…Norman sorts things out with Ruth…Ruth discovers the charms of a fireside rug…and in which nobody enjoys playing board games.

Round and Round the Garden: the events of the weekend as seen from the garden. In which Ruth thoroughly confuses Tom…Tom succeeds in asking Annie…Annie gets a glimpse of Norman’s pajamas…Norman tells Sarah stories by moonlight…Sarah disapproves of Reg’s outdoor sports…and in which everyone gets to roll in the grass.



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