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Actually, We're F**cked


A new comedy that deals with a quartet of millennials who, while arguing over how to rescue the planet over takeout and too much wine, are forced to question their beliefs and relationships.

The Off-Broadway production of Actually, We're F**cked closed April 7, 2019. For current Off-Broadway show listings and tickets, please clickhere.

From the producers: Every Thursday four millennials order take-out, drink too much wine and argue over how to unf**k the planet. They know the world is a dumpster fire and they're the generation to fix it - until someone makes a life changing announcement that challenges their beliefs, their relationships and whether babies should have their own Instagram accounts.

Author Matt Williams is a writer, director, actor, and producer who works for the stage and screen. His plays include "Bruce Lee Is Dead and I’m Not Feeling Too Good Either," "Jason and the Nun," "Between Daylight and Boonville" and "Fear." Onscreen, he has written for "Roseanne," "Home Improvement," and "The Cosby Show."

Obie winner John Pasquin directs a cast that includes Mairin Lee, Keren Lugo, Ben Rappaport, and Gabriel Sloyer.




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