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Roundabout presents a new drama that follows three sisters living in 1960s Brooklyn as they come of age in a rapidly changing world.

The Off-Broadway production of Napoli, Brooklyn closed August 27, 2017. For current Off-Broadway show listings and tickets, please click here.

From the producers: In 1960 Brooklyn, the Muscolinos have raised three proud and passionate daughters. But as the girls come of age in a rapidly changing world, their paths diverge - in drastic and devastating ways - from their parents' deeply traditional values. Despite their fierce love, each young woman harbors a secret longing that, if revealed, could tear the family apart. When an earth-shattering event rocks their Park Slope neighborhood, life comes to a screeching halt and the Muscolino sisters are forced to confront their conflicting visions for the future in this gripping, provocative portrait of love in all its danger and beauty.

Author Meghan Kennedy’s plays have been produced in Dublin, Ireland, New York City and Austin, Texas. Her other works include "Too Much, Too Much, Too Many" and "Light." "Napoli, Brooklyn" was first mounted at Connecticut's Long Wharf Theater in early 2017. Here is a montage from that production:

The cast of "Napoli, Brooklyn" includes Jordyn DiNatale, Lilli Kay, and Elise Kibler as the three Muscolino sisters. Rounding out the cast is Shirine Bab, Alyssa Bresnahan, Juliet Brett, Erik Lochtefeld and Michael Rispoli.

What's the Roundabout? One of the great nonprofit dreadnoughts of the New York theater scene, the Roundabout has three Broadway venues and an Off-Broadway stage in midtown. Prominent artists are usually engaged, significant work is usually done, and even at the smallest of the theaters, the work has the uniform quality that one would expect from such a large and prominent shop. More here.




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