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Welcome to the Entertainment-Link FAQ's. We’ve arranged the questions and answers in sections for your convenience. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Introduction to Entertainment-Link
NYC Events & Tickets – The Basics
Subscribing and Managing Your Account
Getting Tickets with our Concierge Service
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Introduction to Entertainment-Link

What is Entertainment-Link?
Entertainment –Link is the smart ticket buyer’s guide to New York City. Through our online interface (www.entertainment-link.com), we provide a comprehensive view of live entertainment options in the NYC area – including Broadway, off-Broadway, theater events, sports, family entertainment, performing arts, music and more. We are New York City’s only independent, objective, and unbiased source for event information and ticketing support. Our goal is to provide all of the information possible to empower ticket buyers, thereby enabling them to attend as many events as possible while getting the best seats, the best prices, and the best service.

Can I use this site to buy tickets?
Yes! While Entertainment-Link is primarily an information publisher, we also provide a ticketing Concierge Service for our subscribers. When subscribers use our Concierge Service, they authorize us to buy tickets on their behalf from the theater’s designated ticket agent (the online box office) or from the theater itself. Accordingly, our subscribers are buying from those entities, but using our service to get the best available seats for the best shows with the least hassle.

What’s an “online box office”?
An “online box office” is the major ticketing company that acts as a representative of the venue box office for phone sales, internet sales, and offsite box offices located in retail and tourist locations. All of these companies handle hundreds of events from all over the country simultaneously.

Are you a ticket broker?
No. Ticket brokers buy blocks for tickets and hold those tickets in inventory, then re-sell them to individual customers at premium (market) prices. Our Concierge Service does not purchase tickets in advance, but contacts the online box office in order to purchase tickets on a subscriber’s behalf.

What’s the Concierge Service?
Via our Concierge Service, we act like a personal shopper for our subscribers. Our only goal is to deliver the best possible seats at the best available price with the least hassle. We have developed a whole section dedicated to questions about the Concierge Service – please go HERE to read more.

Is there a magazine?
No. The subscription is a membership to our website. We do not print any materials. Entertainment Link is an online publisher of event information. We do publish an email newsletter than is distributed every week that offers a snapshot of all the best discounts and deals on Broadway.

How do I get added to (or removed from) the e-mail list?
If you’d like to be added to the mailing list, simply contact us to make your request. To be removed from the mailing list, contact us with “REMOVE” as the subject line. If you are requesting to be removed from the mailing list, please be sure to either email us from the email address that is receiving the newsletter, or include that email address in the body of the email.

Is your service reliable? Can I use this service with confidence?
We work hard to combine the most accurate and reliable information with the best customer service in the industry. We also use the TrustWave Secure Site Program (link) to protect our users’ confidential information, we have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and glowing reviews on ProvenCredible. Click HERE to see what our subscribers say about our service.

Where are you located?
Our administrative office is located in the heart of New York City, just a few blocks south of Times Square and the Theater District (unlike some other ticketers, who are based in Virginia and Texas). Click HERE for more details.

Which markets do you serve? Do you sell tickets outside of NYC?
Presently, we service the wildly diverse and ever expansive New York City market. At this time, we do not have offices or affiliates in other cities.

If I am a producer, can I use content from this site to market my show?
Permission to excerpt elements of proprietary content in newspaper, television, radio, and public display advertisements is given for purposes of marketing events listed on this website. Such excerpts may only be used by the producer of the event to which the listing refers. In all cases, the excerpt should be contiguously attributed to “Entertainment-Link.com.” No other attribution or descriptive content shall be associated with the excerpt. The sole exception to this shall be content excerpted from “subscriber reviews” - in those cases, the text should read: “Subscriber Review, Entertainment-Link.com”. Consent must be obtained for excerpts exceeding twenty (20) words, and consent to any excerpt may be revoked at any time.

NYC Events & Tickets –the Basics

Broadway & Other Theater
Getting Tickets (General)
Discount Tickets
Premium Tickets
Performing Arts

Broadway & Other Theater What is Broadway?

Named for one of the most famous streets in the world, the institution known as Broadway is a collection of 40 different venues. The theatres are usually quite comfortable, many are very beautiful, and the ticket prices generally range from $40.00 to $150.00.

The 40 venues designated as Broadway theatres are located in a relatively small geographic region. With only a couple of exceptions, Broadway theaters are located in the area between 41st Street and 52nd Street, and between Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) and Eighth Avenue.

Broadway productions are often enormous in scale, costing millions to produce, and sometimes feature some of the most popular and entertaining actors in the world. The sets and costumes are usually quite extravagant, and the musicals usually feature orchestras of ten to thirty musicians.

What is Off-Broadway?

Off-Broadway theatres are generally more intimate, offering fare that is slightly more eclectic. The theatres vary from the large, institutional not-for-profit theatres like Manhattan Theatre Club and The Roundabout Theatre Company to more experimental downtown spaces like the Drama Department. Ticket prices usually range from $10.00 to $60.00.

Unlike Broadway theatres, Off-Broadway theatres can sometimes be a bit bare-bones. While the largest of them are the equal of a Broadway theatre, you might find yourself ducking steam pipes or sitting on ancient seats, which can sometimes add to the overall experience. Off-Broadway theatres are located in areas throughout Manhattan, but most of them can be found in Midtown, west of Fifth, or far downtown just west of the East Village.

How big are Broadway theaters?

Broadway theaters are probably a lot smaller than you think. The smallest Broadway house has a seating capacity of 597 (the Helen Hayes Theatre), around the same size as a high school auditorium. The largest has a capacity of 1,900 (The Gershwin Theatre). For comparison, The Metropolitan Opera House seats 3,800 and Radio City Music Hall seats over 6,000.

What are the sections of a Broadway theater?

The Orchestra is the first level. It generally has about 20 rows. The Mezzanine is the second level. The first row of the Mezzanine normally overhangs around the 12th row of the Orchestra.

The first 4-7 rows of the Mezzanine are often called the Front Mezzanine. Behind the Front Mezzanine there generally is a walkway. The first few rows of the sections behind that walkway are sometimes called the Mid Mezzanine. Being in the Mid or Rear Mezzanine is like being in the back of the Orchestra, except that you have the benefit of looking at the stage from some height.

Some theaters have a third level, called the Balcony.

Remember, all theater layouts are different. You can trust our Ticket Team to pick the best seats available for you when you use our ticket Concierge Service.

What's a Mezzanine? Is it the same as a Balcony?

The word “mezzanine” (pronounced “MEZZ-uh-neen”) comes from the Italian word “mezzanino”, literally, a “little place in the middle.” The mezzanine is the second level of the theater, between the Orchestra, or floor, level, and the Balcony. In a theater, the Balcony is always the third level. Most theaters (and ALL Broadway theaters) have a mezzanine. Not all Broadway theaters have a balcony.

Where are the best seats?

Many people tend to think that the best seating at the theatre is only in the Orchestra. But keep in mind that the Orchestra is the largest section of the house, usually with 50-75% of the seating. While there are some great locations in the Orchestra, there are also plenty of not-so-great locations. You might like to consider that many theater-goers actually prefer seating in the Mezzanine.

There are fewer seats in the mezzanine, but a higher percentage of them are good seats. The Mezzanine overhangs the Orchestra in most theatres, putting the first row about equivalent with being half-way back in the orchestra, which is a prime location. And, especially in the case of larger scale musicals and spectacle shows, the added height gives the attendee a wider range of view and perspective.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code at the theater. The days of seeing tuxedoes and evening gowns at a Broadway show are long gone. At times, you may see people in relatively formal wear if it is a special occasion for them, and especially around the winter holidays. However, most of the audience will be in "business casual" attire or even jeans. Dress pants and a nice shirt would keep you comfortably in the median of most Broadway theater-goers.

For Off-Broadway, things are substantially more casual, and jeans are perfectly appropriate.

Can I bring the kids?

Probably not. At most Broadway shows, children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theater. Sometimes, though, you will be able to find shows that are targeted at young children or you might consider shows aimed at the whole family at larger theatres like Radio City Music Hall or The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. However, keep in mind that every person entering the theater, regardless of age, must have a ticket, and there are no “child-priced” tickets. For many shows, it might be cheaper to pay a baby-sitter than buy full-priced tickets for the little ones.

Getting Tickets (General) How do I get tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows?

The best way of getting a ticket is often right from the source – the venue box office.

If that’s not convenient, all Broadway theatres (and most Off-Broadway theatres) have made arrangements with ticketing outlets enable you to buy their tickets over the phone or via the web. Entertainment-Link offers a comparison pricing grid for each show which allows you to see the various surcharges that these ticketing services offer.

Entertainment-Link also offers a Concierge Service for Entertainment-Link subscribers, which will help you find and purchase quality seats at the best available discount (something that major ticket-sellers are prohibited from doing).

If the box office doesn’t have the ticket that you’re looking for, your best bet may be a premium ticket broker.

What is a box office?

The theater’s box office (or venue box office) is the location at the theater, usually in the front lobby, that sells tickets for the show. It is also sometimes called the “ticket office” or “ticket window.”

The box office is also where you can pick up tickets that you’ve purchased online or by phone. If you’re picking up tickets right before a show, within an hour or so of curtain time, there will probably be one window doing sales and another labeled as “will call,” which is where tickets can be picked up.

When can I pick up my tickets?

If your tickets are being held at the box office, most theaters say that you should pick them up within 1 hour of the curtain time. However, once your ticket reuqest is confirmed, you can stop by the box office at any time to try to pick up your tickets. It is up to the box office’s discretion whether they will release the tickets to you early or not, but they worst they will do is tell you to come back later. But do not try to pick up your tickets within 1 hour of the start of different performance!

Will I need to show ID to pick up my tickets?

When picking up tickets, it’s best to have a Photo ID, the credit card used to make the purchase, and the ticketer’s confirmation number. You might not be asked for any of these items, but you could be asked for any or all of them. Better safe than sorry.

Can I buy tickets for someone else?

Sure! But be careful how you choose to have those tickets delivered. Most theaters require that tickets held at the box office be picked up by the credit card holder – no exceptions. Therefore, if you would like to buy tickets as a gift, we suggest choosing to have tickets either mailed or emailed to you.

When’s the best time to buy tickets?

Generally speaking, the sooner the better. But keep in mind that tickets cannot be exchanged, cancelled, or refunded. So be absolutely sure that you will be able to attend the performance that you’re purchasing tickets for.

Tip: If you’re looking to buy tickets for a performance within a week, look for the tickets about 2 days before the show. That’s usually when theaters release any tickets they’ve been holding for VIPs or others in the industry, and sometimes some fantastic seats become available at the last minute. But act fast – they don’t last long.

How do I buy group tickets?

At this time, Entertainment Link does not handle group sales. We suggest contacting the group sales department of the show you are interested in.

I arrive in New York in the afternoon. Can I make it to an evening show?

We strongly discourage you from booking a show on the day that you’re travelling to New York. While it may be theoretically possible to arrive in New York in the afternoon, have a leisurely dinner, and attend an evening performance, that is very rarely the reality – especially if you’re flying in. Remember that all of NYC’S major airports are outside of Manhattan. It takes time to get your bags, get out of the airport, get into Manhattan, check-in to your hotel, and so on. And then there’s the possibility of travel delays. Because tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, whether you make the curtain or not, tickets to an evening performance can put unnecessary stress on your arrival date.

If you absolutely have to see a show on the day you arrive, we would suggest waiting until you’ve arrived and settled in, and then heading to the TKTS Booth in Times Square for last-minute discount tickets. For more information on TKTS and how it works, click here. (TKTS)

Once I buy my tickets, can I change the date or cancel?

No. The stated policy of all New York theater s – across the board – is that there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations for any reason. So, when purchasing tickets, be very careful and make absolutely sure that you will be able to attend on the date you select.

What if there’s bad weather?

Unless there are extreme weather conditions (such as a hurricane causing a state of emergency in NYC), theaters do not cancel performances due to weather conditions. Remember that all tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. So, if you’re nervous about getting into the City if it’s snowing, for example, we recommend that you don’t buy tickets in January or February. (In the very rare event that a performance is cancelled for any reason, you should be contacted by the ticketer with more information.)

Discount Tickets How do I get discount tickets?

The first and most obvious way to get discount tickets is via discount codes released from a show’s producers. Entertainment Link aggregates information on discounts and how they can be accessed, which created the most comprehensive list of discounts available to events in New York City. Non-subscribers can see the available discounts, but cannot access the codes that enable their use.

Another tactic to consider is to buy in bulk. Consider a season-long subscription to a theater company or sports team as opposed to a series of individual tickets. Sports subscribers (sometimes called “ticket licensees”) often get great perks including discounts to retail locations, and subscribers in the arts have the opportunity of following a group of artists through a season-long exploration.

Many not-for-profit theater companies also offer information discounting arrangements through “young professionals” clubs (which are sometimes open to those to whom neither term applies) and other organizations. Some examples are HipTix (hiptix.com) at the Roundabout Theatre Company, Manhattan Theatre Club’s 30 Under 30 Program (https://www.manhattantheatreclub.com/30under30/index.htm), and LincTix (http://www.lct.org/linctixMain.htm) at Lincoln Center Theatre.

Additionally, the not-for-profit Theatre Development Fund (www.tdf.org) offers many theatre discount opportunities for students, teachers, union members, retired persons, performing arts professionals, the clergy, and members of the armed forces.

What’s a discount code?

If a show’s producer wants to discount certain seats, they would release what is called a “discount code,” “offer code,” or sometimes even “appeal code.” This code, which may look something like “QAZ123” is the combination of letters and number that you give to the box office manager, telephone agent, or website in order to receive the discount when purchasing tickets.

Why are some shows discounted when others aren’t?

Producers release discount codes when a show is not selling as well as they would have hoped at full price, and they would rather sell a ticket for 70- 80% of its full-price value than let the seat go empty. Throughout a Broadway season, most shows will be discounted at one time or another. But there are some shows that are still so popular after many years – like “The Lion King” and “Wicked” – that they virtually never discount.

When do discounts become available?

The availability of discount seats is dependent upon advanced ticket sales and determined by the show’s producers. The possibility that discounted seats will be released and the timing of those potential releases is completely unpredictable.

Speaking from past experiences, if a performance is going to be discounted, the discount will be released 6-8 weeks prior to the performance date in question. There are certain times of year when there tend to be more (and better) discounts, such as January-February and September-October. Conversely, you won’t see as many discounts available in late November –December, and most shows don’t even offer discounts over popular holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Independence Day.

How many discounts are out there?

At any given moment, there are hundreds of discounts available for Broadway, Off-Broadway, Sports, and the Performing Arts.

When do these discounts expire?

All discounts have limitations on their availability and purchase options. In addition, the producers always retain the ability to deactivate or change a discount at any time. So if a certain number of patrons have already purchased tickets at the discount rate, a producer may discontinue that code or increase the price. This rarely happens, but it is possible.

How do these discounts get on your site?

Our subscribers exchange information on published discounts. In this way, Entertainment-Link is a virtual “town square” in which ticket buyers exchange information, including discounts. Additionally, our staff keeps an eye on all available discounts and their parameters to make sure that the offers posted for our subscribers are the best discounts available.

Are there cheaper tickets available for students?

Many shows have a “student rush” policy, making lower-priced tickets available to students on the day of the show at the box office. If a Broadway show does have a student rush policy, the information regarding price, time, and stipulations will be posted on the show’s event page.

What are “lottery” and “rush” tickets?

In order to make tickets more affordable for theatergoers on a budget, many Broadway shows offer rush tickets or lottery tickets on the day of the show. Policies are different for every show. Typically, rush tickets become available on the day of performance when the box office opens – you have to wake up early and get in line (“rush” to the box office). For Lottery tickets, entry usually begins at the box office a couple hours before curtain time, and winners are chosen at random. The availability of rush and lottery tickets cannot be guaranteed. Ticket prices usually range between $25 and $50, and are sometimes cash only.

If a Broadway show does have a rush or lottery policy, the information regarding pricing, times, rules, and other stipulations will be posted on the show’s event page. Please note that some rush programs are for full-time students only.

What are “Standing Room Only” tickets?

When a show has completely sold out (and only then), the box office may begin to offer “Standing Room” tickets on the day of the performance. These tickets are usually very inexpensive, and cannot be purchased in advance. True to their name, if you purchase a Standing Room ticket, you will have to stand for the entire length of the performance – for a Broadway musical, that can be over 3 hours. Not all shows offer Standing Rom tickets, and their availability cannot be guaranteed.

If a Broadway show does tend to offer Standing Room tickets, the information regarding pricing and on-sale times will be posted on the show’s event page.

Are there any additional discounts for military?

Producers do not publish discounts for the military. We suggest contacting the USO of Metropolitan New York (http://www.usonyc.org/) for information on any of their current offers.

Are there any additional discounts for seniors?

Unfortunately, no.


"TKTS" is the name three discount ticket booths, located in Duffy Square (at 47th and Broadway, just north of Times Square), downtown near the South Street Seaport (199 Water Street, corner of Front & John Streets), and in Downtown Brooklyn at the MetroTech Center (at Jay & Myrtle Streets). The booths are operated by the non-profit Theatre Development Fund, and they sell tickets to some Broadway and Off-Broadway shows at 50% and 25% discounts.

The Duffy Square booth sells day-of show tickets for matinee and evening performances, while the South Street Seaport and Downtown Brooklyn booths sell same-day tickets for evening performances and next-day tickets for matinees. The Downtown Brooklyn booth also sells tickets to Brooklyn performing arts events.

Shows release tickets to TKTS when they have extras, so there's no guarantee than any specific show will be available on any given date. All tickets are sold first come, first served, and can only be purchased in person. Because of the uncertainty of buying at TKTS, if you absolutely, positively want to see a certain show, you should probably buy in advance.

Beyond the inconvenience of waiting in line and the variability of available shows, a significant disadvantage of buying tickets at the TKTS booth is that your selection is limited to those seats that the producer has chosen to discount, so you probably won’t have a lot of seating options to choose from. (The seats are sometimes quite good and sometimes less good.)

How do I know what shows are available at TKTS?

Entertainment-Link subscribers have access to information about the availability of tickets at the TKTS booth in Duffy Square, including a listing of all shows available on any given day, and recent TKTS history for each show. You can see our TKTS information here.

TDF has also released a TKTS app for iPhone and Android that had daily information on the TKTS booths in all locations.

Is there a ticket limit at TKTS?

Yes. Each individual can purchase up to 6 tickets at the TKTS booth.

Can I pay with a credit card at TKTS?

Yes! TKTS accepts all major credit cards.

What is the best time to arrive at TKTS?

Well that depends on how much you're willing to trust chance. The line begins forming at the Duffy Square location up to two hours before opening, when the greatest number of tickets is available. Availability fluctuates through the day on an hourly basis, as theatres release more tickets to the booth or reclaim blocks of tickets that they had released earlier. As show time approaches, the lines get a lot shorter and some surprising shows show up on the list.

So, you basically have three options - wait a long time at opening for the widest range of seats, wait a very short amount of time (if at all) about an hour before curtain for a smaller range of shows with a few surprises, or wait a little longer for basically the same selection, about a half-hour later.

What’s the best way to get tickets at TKTS?

Check the list of available shows on the board when you first arrive – there are electronic signs on both sides of the booth – pick your top few shows, and head to the line. As you get to the front of the line, check the boards again to see if your choice is still listed as you get close to the window.

Some folks - in costume, with flyers, you name it - may approach you to talk up the shows that they’re marketing. Talk to them if you want, but to be brutally frank, don’t place too much trust in their opinions of the shows. They’re paid to have them, and you’re the one who will be sitting through your choice later that evening.

If you have questions, ask the folks in the red ‘TKTS’ shirts.

Once you get to the booth, ask the kind folks at the window how good the seats are. Try not to ask about more than three shows. Note that cell phone use is forbidden at the window itself (as it is at every Broadway box office).

About 5 minutes before curtain time, the windows start to shut down, one by one, and the line begins to move more slowly, albeit with increasing urgency. Keep in mind at this point that you’ll need to sprint to the theatre to make the curtain, so only consider shows between West 44th and 50th street, with addresses in the 200’s and 300s.

Good luck!

Premium Tickets What’s a ticket broker?

A ticket broker (sometimes called a “Premium Ticketer” buys blocks of tickets for high-demand shows when they go on sale, and then re-sells the tickets later at marked-up costs. Legitimate ticket brokers are strictly regulated by the state Attorneys General. You can always check out a ticket broker with the Better Business Bureau if you have questions or concerns about a ticketing company.

What are the laws related to the resale of tickets?

First off, please note that we do not intend to give you legal advice on ticket transactions. The notes below are just a starting point for any further research you wish to do.

Many states regulate the resale of tickets of admission. In the State of New York, tickets of admission may be resold for a maximum of the face value of the ticket plus $10 or the face value of the ticket plus 20%, whichever is greater, plus a “reasonable service charge.”

The advent of the Internet has created a very complex situation in this area. Many transactions involve a buyer in State A, a seller location in State B, incorporated in State C, and utilizing a web server in State D, with tickets of admission to be used in State E. Confused? So is everyone else.

It is worth noting that while it may be illegal to resell tickets of admission at certain prices in certain circumstances, it is not illegal to buy those same tickets. For what it’s worth, the internet auction site eBay recognizes the state in which the event is to be held as the relevant jurisdiction for laws related to the resale of tickets.

Does Entertainment-Link re-sell tickets?

No, we do not.

When should I contact a ticket broker?

You may wish to consider contacting a ticket broker if the box office no longer has tickets available for an event, or the specific seat location that you are looking for is unavailable. Expect to pay a premium for ticket that meets your specifications, though.

What is “ticket scalping”?

Ticket scalping is a somewhat archaic term referring to the resale of tickets at a price far exceeding their face value (the price printed on the face of the ticket).

There are sometimes opportunities in NYC to buy your ticket quite literally on the street. In front of the TKTS Booth, as an example, there are often people selling top shows at somewhat substantial markups (which decrease as curtain time approaches). There is no guarantee that these tickets have been obtained legally, or are even real tickets. There have been incidents of individuals purchasing tickets on the street that have been closed for several years, or even of unsuspecting ticket holders being pulled from a venue for questioning by the police because the tickets they are using were reported as stolen.

If you’re considering buying tickets on the street, look very carefully at both the tickets and the seller. Counterfeit tickets will not be honored, and buying illegally obtained tickets may result in becoming involved in a police investigation.

Performing Arts What are the Performing Arts?

This category includes dance, classical and jazz music, “performance art”, and any performance event outside of conventional theatre and popular music.

What is the performing arts scene like in New York?

It’s the most varied and eclectic in the world. The events range from world-class concerts at Lincoln Center by America’s first symphony orchestra, The New York Philharmonic, to avant-garde performances by some of the finest theatre and dance companies in the world at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to solo recitals and jam sessions by tomorrow’s international musical stars in small venues around town.

How do I get tickets for Performing Arts events?

Most of these producing companies sell their tickets themselves. Call the number or visit the website listed with the event. Go HERE to see a list of what's playing and more information about schedules and ticketing.

Sports What’s the Sports scene like in New York City?

Well, to make a long story shorts, we have everything! Professional teams include:
The New York Yankees (Major League Baseball at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx)
The New York Mets (Major League Baseball at Citi Field in Queens)
The New York Giants (NFL Football at Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ)
The New York Jets (NFL Football at Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ)
The Brooklyn Nets (NBS Basketball at Barclays Center in Brooklyn)
The New York Knicks (NBA Basketball at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan)
The New York Liberty (WNBA Basketball at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan)
The New Jersey Devils (NHL Hockey at The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ)
The New York Islanders (NHL Hockey at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island)
The New York Rangers (NHL Hockey at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan)
New York Red Bulls (Major League Soccer at Red Bulls Stadium in Harrison, NJ)
The Brooklyn Cyclones (Minor League Baseball at MCU Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn)
The Staten Island Yankees (Minor League Baseball at Richmond County Bank Park in Staten Island)

How do I get tickets for Sporting Events?

Sports tickets can usually be purchased in advance through each team’s individual box office, at a team store, or through a major ticket seller (like Ticketmaster). Sometimes, tickets can be purchased at game time at the venue box office. Some teams – like the Knicks and the Yankees – are tough tickets to get, so you may want to consider contacting a premium ticketer.

Subscribing and Managing your Account

Subscribe, Upgrade, Renew
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Subscribe, Upgrade, Renew
What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber?

Entertainment Link is an online, subscription-based, consumer guide to live entertainment in New York City. We also feature a ticketing concierge service for our subscribers. Subscriber benefits include access to discounted tickets via our excellent concierge service, and subscriber-only content like critics' ratings, subscriber reviews, and day-of info about shows available at the TKTS discount booths.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe, click “Join” on the top right hand corner of any page on the site. Read through the material about the benefits of subscribing. At the bottom of the screen, choose your subscription type, and then click “Join Now.” Enter your personal information, including a username of your choosing, then click “Submit.” The TrustWave seal tells you that your information will be encrypted, and therefore safe and secure as it travels between you and our servers. Once you have submitted your profile information - you are a subscriber! Go HERE if you would like more information about the benefits of subscribing to Entertainment-Link, or if you would like to sign up now.

Are there different types of subscriptions? What do they cost?

There are three tiers of subscription, which we have developed to best serve our broad range of subscribers. There is a monthly subscription which costs $8 per month ($16 initial charge for 2 months) and offers maximum flexibility; a 6-month subscription for $39, and a $65 annual subscription, which offers the greatest value to our long-term subscribers. All subscriptions receive the same benefits.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

All changes to your account are made in the My Account section of the site - we have created a whole section of the FAQ to answer questions about this area. Go HERE to read about upgrading or downgrading your subscription type.

How can I renew my Entertainment-Link subscription?

All Entertainment-Link subscriptions auto renew. For 6-month and annual subscribers, an email will be sent 31 days before the current subscription's renewal date to notify you that your account will soon be renewed. At any time, you may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Entertainment-Link subscription. Go HERE to read more about how to manage your subscription options.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. We have developed a section of the FAQs which discusses management of your subscription options - please go HERE to read it.

How can I be removed from the Entertainment-Link mailing list?

If you opted in during registration, your email was added to or mailing list – but rest assured! We do not sell or rent this list to ANY third parties, and it used solely to provide our subscribers with timely distribution of the hottest ticket and discount offers! Please read our Privacy Policy if you would like to know more.

Of course, if you don't want the email, we don't want to bother you with it. If you would like to be removed from our mailing list, contact us with "REMOVE" and your email address in the subject line. Please be sure this is the email address that we have on file for you. If you’re not sure which email address we have, check the bottom of the newsletter – it will be listed there.

If you would like to receive emails again in the future, contact us with "ADD" and your email address in the subject line. No changes to your mailing list preference will have any impact on your subscription or account details.

Billing Questions What are the accepted forms of payment at Entertainment-Link?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. For reasons of security and ease-of-use, we do not accept checks or money orders for subscriptions or Concierge Service transactions. We cannot accept gift cards issued by any financial institution or other ticketer. We also cannot process one-time-use credit card numbers.

How does the billing for my subscription renewal work?

All Entertainment Link subscriptions automatically renew. Using the same profile and billing information from your registration, we will automatically process your renewal on the renewal date. This date is a time equal to your registration date, plus the subscription term - e.g. a 6-month subscription is automatically billed and renewed 180 days after you begin your subscription.

I want a refund for my subscription. What do I do?

This is a question that can only be answered on a case-by-case basis, based upon a variety of factors. If you've subscribed, and are seeking a refund for any reason whatsoever, please contact us and explain your situation.

I want a refund for my subscription renewal. What do I do?

Although unhappy to see you go, if you are responding to your renewal within 6 weeks of the renewal date, we will be happy to offer you a full refund. If you respond after the 6-week grace period, we will refund you a pro-rated amount for every full month remaining in your subscription. We do not refund partial months. To start the process, please contact us and provide your full name and login name, and request a refund for your recent renewal. Our Support Team will process your request promptly.

How long until an issued refund posts to my account?

From the time the Support-Team indicates to you that the refund has been processed, it usually takes 24-48 hours to reach your bank. The bank can take between 3-5 business days to post the refund to your account.


How do I login to my Entertainment Link account?

In the upper right hand corner of any page on the site, there is a link that reads “login”. You may also click HERE.

The login page will ask you for your Login Name and PIN. Once you have entered this information, click the "Log In" button next to the text box to complete the login process.

I forgot my username and/or PIN. How do I find it?

If you have forgotten your login name or PIN, click the link that reads “Forget your login info?” on the Log In page. Enter the email address you used at registration, and you login information will be emailed to you.

How do I logout of my account?

To logout, go to the upper right hand corner of any page on the site - if you are presently logged in, the “log in” link will say "log out". Click this link once to logout of the Entertainment-Link system.

I forgot to logout. Is this a problem?

Logging out removes "cookie" from your hard drive that contains your login name and PIN. This cookie enables the Entertainment Link site to remember you so that you do not have to login each time you visit the site. If you are using the site often, you may actually not wish to logout each time - this way, you can quickly get to subscriber only content without logging in. However, as an additional security precaution, you must login any time you wish to access your My Account section or to place a ticket request through the Concierge Service. If your computer is used by other people, these people will be able to access subscriber information, but they will not be able to access or change your personal information nor will they be able to place an request using your billing information. Needless to say, if you share your computer, you should make it a practice of logging out.

Should I login before placing a ticket request?

Yes, you should. There is no way for the site to confirm who you are until you login. Once you do so, you may request tickets with increased ease, as the majority of your profile and billing information will be pre-filled in the checkout form. In the event that you do not login, but place a new ticket request, a duplicate subscription will be setup for you! If you think this may have happened, please send an contact us ASAP and explain your scenario. They will deactivate the new subscription, refund any monies that may have been erroneously charged, and help you place an ticket request using your existing account.

What if I just want the information? Do I have to login?

Much of the site is available to all visitors – basic show information, schedules, cast and creative team, venue information, images, average ticket prices, etc. However, subscriber-only content is protected, and therefore you must login to access it. There are some parts of the site (discounts codes, seating tips, subscriber reviews, same-day TKTS information, etc) that will not show up unless you have logged in.

My Account

What is the My Account page?

The My Account page is the nucleus of your Entertainment Link activity. You can manage your account here, change billing and profile information, change your email address, modify your subscription type (upgrade, downgrade, cancel), pass along our service to your friends and colleagues using an application we have built, write critiques and reviews of shows you have seen (to be shared with other subscribers), build a watch list of events to keep on your radar screen, and check the status of your tickets requests placed through the Concierge Service. If you are interested in managing your personal information from the My Account page, please go HERE to read detailed instructions.

Where can I see my ticket request history?

On the My Account page, you’ll see a list of Ticket Transactions. This is an archived record of every ticket request that you have placed through our Concierge Service. You can see what shows you've requested tickets for, on what date, and the status of those requests.

What does the "status" part of ticket transactions mean?

The "status" section tells you how the ticket request is being handled, or has been handled. Here are the possible statuses and what they mean:

Pending - The ticket request has just been placed and is waiting to be processed.

Open - The ticket request has been assigned to a Ticket Agent for processing.

Executed - The ticket request has been completed on your behalf and is being double-checked and confirmed by a Concierge Manager.

Confirmed – The ticket request is completed and confirmed. Please check your inbox for your final confirmation email and enjoy the show!

Flagged - There was a problem completing the ticket request and our Ticket Team is attempting to resolve the issue.

Problem - There was a problem completing the ticket request and the Ticket Team requires your input to resolve the issue. You should be receiving a phone call and email regarding the issue. You can also contact us.

Void - The ticket request has been voided and no further work will be completed.

What is the "my events" section? How do I use it?

The "my events" section is a handy tool to help you keep certain shows on your radar, like a wish list. To add shows, click "edit my events" and choose the category from which you would like to add events. Then, check the boxes beside any shows or events that pique your interest. The table of shows you choose will also display whether there are discounts available for those shows. In addition, we occasionally send emails with specific offers to subscribers who have requested information about specific shows.

How do I review a show that I saw?

You can rate and review shows you have seen by using “my turn”, as well as offer discount tips or other insights to our editorial staff and your fellow subscribers.

To rate a show and write a review, enter a show name in the text field. In many cases this will bring up a list of various events which include the words you have entered. Choose the appropriate show from the list by clicking it. Rate the show by selecting values from the drop-down lists. First, select the ticketer you used to obtain tickets. Then choose your overall rating for the experience, your rating for the venue itself, and one for the ticketer. Then rate the show for age appropriateness by answering "yes" or "no" for each of the pre-defined age groups. Finally, let your creativity flow! You can write whatever you would like about your theatre experience - a plot summary, an emotional analysis, the story of the dinner you had afterwards - anything! We believe that the input and creativity of our subscribers enriches our content - we are lucky to have so many talkative subscribers.

To use the "tips" part of this section, click the "ticket tips" link - this will bring up a window where you may offer any information, insights, discount offers, or other rants and raves. This information is reviewed by our staff and included in the site where appropriate.

Do other subscribers see my reviews?

They sure do! The unprecedented exchange of information between our subscribers is part of what makes our site and service unique. Once a subscriber has logged in, they can click the link "what our subscribers said" from any event page and see all the notes offered by other subscribers about that show!

How do I tell a friend about Entertainment Link?

Easy! We built a little page to help you do so! Click the link at the top of the page "Tell your friends about Entertainment-Link." A page will open with space for you to input several of your friend's email addresses, your own email address, and a personal note.

Manage My Information
How do I change my login name and/or PIN?

Simple! Just click the "edit my profile" link in the upper right-hand corner of the My Account page - this will take you to your profile and billing information. Here, you may change your login name, PIN, personal information, billing address, and credit card.

I'd like to change my address / credit card / phone number / email - how can I update my information?

Simple! Just click the "edit my profile" link in the upper right-hand corner of the My Account page - this will take you to your profile and billing information. Here, you can update your billing information, including changing the credit card we keep on record, billing address, CID, etc. You may also change your phone number, email address, or any other personal information stored in your account.

Where can I view my subscription options and make changes?

For security, you must make all changes to your profile, billing, and subscription status via the online account management system.

If it is within 30 days of your pending renewal, a link will appear at the top left-hand side of the My Account page that says "manage my subscription". If you do not see this link, click "edit my profile" and from this page you will see a link labeled "manage my subscription".

Here you will see your present subscription type and your upcoming renewal date. You can also see the type of your future subscription. When you make modifications on this page, you are changing the future subscription type. For example, if you are presently a 6-month subscriber, and you wish to upgrade to an annual plan, your will be charged $65 instead of $39 on your next scheduled renewal date. No changes will be made to your account until your renewal date passes. The same goes for unsubscribing - if you unsubscribe 3 weeks before your renewal date, your account will still remain active until it "rolls over" into the future plan, which in this case, would be to unsubscribe.

How do I opt out of any promotional emails?

First, let us assure you that your email address is only used for timely distribution of the hottest discounts and offers in the City, and it is never sold to third parties. However, if you would like off our mailing list, it is quite easy - we have developed a section to specifically explain how to do this - read it HERE.

Is my personal information secure on your website?

Entertainment-Link's very existence depends upon efficient use of the latest technology. We are committed to using technology to enable our subscribers to safely shop online. We utilize the toughest encryption available, 256-bit, to secure all information as it passes from you to us. We operate servers utilizing the latest in virus and hack protection - and we store those servers behind a powerful firewall to further insure access is limited to the right people at the right time. For a bit more on this topic, go HERE.

Do you sell or rent any part of my personal information?

NO! Absolutely not! We do not sell or rent personal information to third parties, and never have. Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy to find out more about our rock-solid practices.

Getting Tickets with our Concierge Service

Getting Tickets
Delivery Options
Making Changes / Miscellaneous

Getting Tickets
I’ve never done this before. Where should I begin?

There are three main ways to navigate Entertainment-Link. You can use the Entertainment-Link navigational bar on the left-hand side of the site, you can use the “All NYC Shows” drop-down menu, or you can look for a specific show using the search function at the very top of the screen.

How do I find discounted shows?

Finding discounts is almost as easy as finding a show! Any event that has discounts available will be clearly marked on the event detail page with a link saying "Click here to purchase discount tickets." There are no lists, advertisements, or forums to sift through! Discounted shows are clearly marked as such. Also, we have created a page specifically for bargain hunters - it is a page of all discounted Broadway shows, formatted plainly for ease-of-use, and you can find it HERE. This page provides “before” and “after” prices, the date range applicable to the present discount, and a link to the event detail page.

Which shows are family-friendly?

The summations for each show should give you a general idea of whether it may contain adult themes, nudity, language, etc. Any strong warning from the show will be including with the main description towards the top of the event page. Towards the bottom of the event page, you will see a table with a lot of information about the show. Here, you can find a peer-generated rating for kids from our subscribers (if available), as well as the producer’s statement on suitability. If you need more specific information about the show, consult the event's web site, visit the venue box office, or contact the event's management office.

I still don’t know which show I want to see. Can you help?

The best way to find a show that suits you is to simply poke around - read the summaries, look at the pictures, watch the video clips, think about your guests - a show will emerge. If you’re still undecided, try our advanced search event finder (link), which allows you to select options from multiple categories all at once, and will provide you a list of matching results.

What is the Concierge Service and how does it work?

You can think of Entertainment Link’s Concierge Service like a personal shopper. When you submit a request to us, we will take your information, including your desired seating section and price, and go through the process of selecting and purchasing the tickets on your behalf. Your seats will be the best available - the same seats you would get by going to the box office. Ticket requests received during business hours are normally confirmed within 4 hours.

Two important notes:
1) If there is an issue with your request, please contact us immediately so the issue may be rectified before the ticket request is executed.
2) Please keep a close eye on your email for the several hours after having placed a request. In some cases, the Ticket Team will need to communicate with you during this time.

Once the ticket request is confirmed, you will be sent a final confirmation, including row and seat information, delivery details, the address of the venue, time and date of the performance, etc.

How do I place a ticket request using the Concierge Service?

If you already know what show you want to see, go to the show’s “event” page. Click the “Buy Now” button at the top or text link in the middle of the page. A new window will pop-up with the show’s performance calendar, and you may select the date and time you wish to attend the performance. Shows with available discounts will be listed in red, full-priced shows will be blue, and premium dates will be listed in purple. If we believe a performance completely is unavailable, it will be displayed in black.

On the following screen, choose the quantity of tickets and the seat location (orchestra, front mezzanine, balcony, etc) you would like. Next, you will be shown a chart detailing all the related charges, and the final price.

Once you click “Continue,” you will begin the secure checkout process. Just follow the prompts throughout the process; you will choose a delivery option, provide billing information, etc. You can also check the orange progress bar at the top of the screen.

After inputting all of your information and making all of your selections, you will see a “REVIEW ORDER” screen. It is very important that you check over all of the details on this page – show, date, time, number of tickets, seating section, delivery method, etc. Once tickets are purchased, they are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Once done, click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. On the next screen, you’ll get a six-digit request number, and you can be sure that your request has been submitted to the Ticket Team.

Can I place a ticket request with you over the phone?

No, we do not take phone orders. All ticket requests must be placed using our secure website.

Do I have to be a subscriber to use the Concierge Service?

Entertainment-Link is a subscription-based information and concierge service. The subscription is what gives you access to the concierge ticket service and any applicable discounts. We only execute tickets requests for our subscribers.

Like a newspaper or a magazine, Entertainment-Link provides a massive amount of information aggregated and organized in a way that makes it accessible for the general public. Gathering, verifying, and ultimately publishing this information is costly, and to offset this cost we require users to pay a subscription fee. This fee is often recouped in the first discounted ticket transaction. Additionally, it is important to note that we do not sell advertising space on our site. We maintain the utmost level of objectivity needed to provide you with an accurate and unbiased consumer guide. We seek to enable you to find the best show for you at the best ticket prices, and our ability to provide that service depends on an active subscriber base.

What are the fees?

Every online box office adds certain fees to each ticket and to each order. These additional costs can range from $5 to $15 per ticket, broken down as follows:

The per-ticket “convenience” fee is assessed by the online box office in order to defray their own costs. This fee varies by ticketer, venue, and event.

The facility fee, sometime known as the “theatre restoration fee” or venue surcharge, is assessed by the venue.

The per-order handling fee and delivery charges are assessed by the online box office, and vary by ticketer, venue, event, and delivery method.

Entertainment-Link applies certain fees for the service we provide consumers - for first time users of the Concierge Service, you will see a subscription fee of $39, which allows you access to the site and service for a period of 6 months. For subscribers, you will see a concierge fee equal to $10 per ticket. These fees allow us to maintain an operational structure and staff to provide our consumer guide and the Concierge Service, and are the only charges made by Entertainment Link.

Where are my seats?

Your seats will be the best available - the same seats you would get by going to the box office. Our Ticket Team knows the venues well, and they'll only purchase good seats. For a Broadway show, our definition of good top-priced seats is the best 75% of the Orchestra and the Front Mezzanine. We only buy seats that are together, so your party will NOT be separated.

Because we are a concierge service and not a box office, we don’t control ticket inventory or have a stock of tickets on hand to quote locations. While it is not possible to know exact seat and row information before purchasing via our Concierge Service, you can be confident that our Ticket Team will work to find the best possible seats for your chosen performance. If you have a special seating request/requirement (such as a mobility issue), please contact us immediately after placing your ticket request to let us know. Also, when a Concierge Manager is on duty and available, you can use the Live Chat feature during checkout for more information about current seating availability.

If appropriate tickets are not available for your requested performance, we will offer suggestions as to the best available seats/performances. We will not purchase tickets for a different performance without your approval. Please read BELOW for more information about these circumstances.

What if there are no available seats in my requested section?

If a performance is very heavily sold and we can’t find acceptable tickets in the section you requested, we will give you a call and send you an email with other options. These options may include seats that are outside of the 75% of the best seats in the section you requested, they may be less expensive seats in a different section, or they may be seats in the same or a different section for a different performance. If you choose to accept these seats, we will complete the transaction for you. Please confirm your decision quickly as ticket availability is quite fluid and changes constantly. Of course, you can decline these seats and cancel your request completely, if you wish. You will not be charged until we have completed a purchase on your behalf.

What happens if the credit card information I gave you doesn’t work?

Any time we have a problem with the credit card provided, we will contact you – by phone, email or both. The first thing to do is check that the information you gave us (card number, CID, and expiration date) is all accurate. You can reach us by phone or login to your account to update your credit card information. If you're not sure how to log in, please go HERE. Go to the “My Account” link at the top of any page on the site. Select “edit my profile” and verify that the credit card number, expiration date, and CID are accurate. If any of the numbers are incorrect, change them and notify us ASAP so that we can complete your ticket request.

If all of the provided information is correct, it means that something else is wrong with the credit card (security hold, suspended, insufficient funds, etc). We suggest contacting your credit card company to inquire about the specific issue. In the meantime, you may supply us with a new credit card so that your purchase can be completed. To do this, you can give us a call or go to ‘edit my profile’ page and change the credit card information. Then, email us to let us know that the change has been made so that we may complete your ticket request.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER SEND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO US THROUGH EMAIL. It is not a “secure” method of contact. To protect your information, please follow the instructions above.

Can I purchase discounted tickets without using the Concierge Service?

As a subscriber yes, of course! First, login to your account. If you're not sure how to do that, please go HERE. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the event page of your choice. If the show has discounts available, there will be an image at the top saying "ticket discounts" and there will be a text link in the middle of the page saying "Click here to buy discount tickets." Either of these links will bring up the performance calendar.

All available discounts will be listed on the left side of the calendar. Discount codes are usually a short series of letters and/or numbers like WTU5K3. To find the specific offer(s) available on the date your want to attend, mouse-over that date and time on the calendar (Remember – Discounted performances are listed in red) and the associated discounts on the chart will be bolded. Make a note of the discount code (right column) and instructions (left column).

After you have carefully noted the discount code, instructions, date, and time of the show you want to see, proceed to order tickets through the online box office as you normally would – the phone number and website for the online box office will be listed in the instructions. If ordering through the web, enter the discount code in the applicable box, and if ordering via telephone, tell the representative that you wish to purchase discounted tickets using a discount code. (If you don’t see the discount code box when ordering through the web, be sure to call the ticketer and ask for your discount!)

Delivery Options What are the delivery options?

Delivery options are a function of the event and the schedule. Generally speaking, tickets for events which are more than 10 days away can be shipped by standard mail or held at the box office. Tickets for events less than 10 days away can be held for pick up at the box office. For most venues, tickets can also be delivered by email up to 2 days before the performance.

Tickets for all international credit card holders will be held at the box office of the theatre. The box office is located in the lobby of the theatre. The address of the theatre will be included in your confirmation email. (From time to time, Canadian Standard Mail is available as a delivery option.)

All available delivery options for the performance date and time you select will be listed in a drop-down menu during checkout.

Please note that tickets may only be shipped to the billing address of the credit card holder.

I don't see the delivery method I want! What do I do?

If the option you need is not one of the choices, please contact us to first see if there’s a reason that delivery method will not be available. We will determine whether we can change the delivery method to the one you prefer, or suggest an alternative.

How do I pick up my tickets at will call?

The will call windows are generally very easy to find, and are located somewhere in the front of the theater or in the theater lobby (the address of the theater for your show will be included in your confirmation). For will call tickets, you should arrive 30-60 minutes before curtain and be sure that you bring a photo ID and the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets. In some cases, you will be required to bring a confirmation number - in these cases, this information will be noted on your ticket confirmation email.

Making Changes / Miscellaneous I don’t like the seats you selected through the Concierge Service! Can I get a refund?

We always work to get the best available seats for our subscribers. When using the Concierge Service, we will only purchase tickets within the approximate best 75% of the Orchestra or the Front Mezzanine. Therefore, when using the Concierge Service, you acknowledge that any seats in that approximate 75% are acceptable. We cannot be more precise about exactly what seats you will receive because the theaters are all slightly different, ticket availabilities are very fluid and constantly changing, and we do not have any ticket inventory in hand. If there are no suitable seats available, we will contact you and offer to purchase different seats. In that case, you will have the option of accepting the substitute seats or performance, or turning our offer down. If you decide to decline the alternative, you will not be charged for any part of the transaction.

All of that being said, once a ticket request has been executed by the Concierge Service, you may not get a refund if you do not like the location of the seats. All sales are final.

I chose the wrong date! Can you change it?

If you placed a ticket request for the wrong date, contact us IMMEDIATELY. In most cases, if you email us within an hour of placing your request, we will be able to make the modification. However, after your ticket request has been executed and confirmed, our policy of final sale must be observed. Nonetheless, please contact our Support Team, and they will provide you with your options.

My tickets haven’t arrived/I lost them! What do I do?

If you lose your tickets or never receive them, please contact us . We’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to get a "missing ticket voucher" so you can pick up the tickets at the will call booth. You can pick up the tickets in the 30-60 minutes before curtain by presenting the credit card used to purchase the tickets and a photo ID.

What is the cancellation/refund policy for tickets?

All tickets in New York are a final sale. Once purchased, tickets cannot be cancelled, refunded, or exchanged. This policy is stated clearly during the checkout process.

I am not/wasn’t able to attend the performance. Can I return tickets for a refund?

Due to policies set forth by the box offices, we cannot issue exchanges or refunds for any reason after a ticket has been purchased. This policy is stated clearly during the checkout process. All tickets are sold as a final sale.

However, in some cases, the "past-date" solution may be applicable - if you are going to be in the city at a later date, we can help you explore this option. Some theaters will allow ticket buyers who were not able to attend prior performances to occupy unsold seats on a standby basis. This possibility is generally limited to weekday performances. See the next question for more information.

If the event is put on by a nonprofit institution such as the New York Philharmonic, or an Off-Broadway nonprofit theatre, you may be able to call the box office to arrange for a “donation return” which you would be able to “write off” on your taxes as a donation to the theatre.

With all this as context, if you know in advance that you will not be able to attend your performance, please contact us immediately, and explain the situation; we will do everything in our power to help you.

What if there's bad weather? Will shows be cancelled?

In the great tradition of the theater, the show does go on despite unfavorable weather conditions. It takes an extreme weather event (such as Hurricane Sandy) for Broadway shows to completely cancel performances. If weather conditions are quite bad, some shows may offer “winter weather” exchanges for later dates, but they generally wait until the last minute to announce it – you would need to contact the online box office for more information on these policies. If you’re nervous about the weather, we suggest avoiding performance dates in months that tend to have snowy/icy weather.

If the performance is cancelled, what is the refund policy?

The policy of each show may differ slightly, but the end result is the same - the refund for a cancelled performance will come to you directly from the venue's online box office. As soon as we learn of a cancellation, we’ll send you and email with all of the details. If you have picked up your tickets or if the tickets are delivered to you, you may need to return them to the box office, so please do not destroy them until you have received your refund.

If you believe your performance has been cancelled, but you haven’t heard from us, please contact us and we will provide you with further information.

If your performance has been cancelled, we would be happy to assist you in obtaining tickets for another show if that possibility is of interest to you. If you would like to place another ticket request, we will waive the concierge fee. If you decide you would simply like to cancel, any fees paid to Entertainment-Link in connection with the cancelled show will be refunded upon request.

There are now better seats available for my performance. Can you upgrade me?

Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade tickets that have already been confirmed. We always get the best available seats at the time of purchase. Producers often hold certain seats for VIP guests, sometimes known as "house seats". Sometimes those seats are not used by VIPs and are released for sale to the general public. In other cases, blocks of tickets may be released for other reasons, such as a group sale that falls though. The possibility that seats will be released and the timing of those potential releases are completely unpredictable and beyond our control.

Tickets are now a lower price than when I bought them. Can the difference be refunded to me?

Unfortunately, no. Like airline tickets, event ticket prices change without notice, and the patterns are not always completely rational to those of us watching from the sidelines. Our promise to you is that we will always feature the best possible price at any given time. The fact that the price may change is not within our control.

We do not set the prices or the promotions. The producers and promoters of the shows do that based on the old fashioned laws of supply and demand - if they have too many tickets in their inventory, they create a promotion. If they still have too many tickets, they create a better promotion. We update our system just as soon as new ticket discounts are announced. As a subscriber, you would expect nothing less.

I bought these tickets to see [Famous Actor], who’s no longer going to be performing on that date. What can I do?

It’s not a publicized policy, but if a star that is billed "above the title" in a Broadway show is out unexpectedly, you are generally able to get a full refund or exchange from the online or physical box office. If the above-the-title actor is on vacation and the dates were announced before you purchased your tickets (or the actor you want to see is not billed about the title) you probably won't be able to get a refund. But it never hurts to ask at the box office.

I just placed a ticket request but now I decided I don’t want to subscribe. Can I cancel?

Entertainment-Link is a subscription-based information service. We also provide a ticketing Concierge Service for our subscribers. The subscription fee was shown as a separate cost item throughout the purchase and checkout process. Please go HERE to see some information on the additional benefits of subscription. Your ticket purchase was contingent on your subscribing and the prices and obligations for both the subscription and ticket purchase were listed clearly throughout the checkout process.

Nonetheless, we don't want unhappy subscribers, so we will do our best to help. Please contact us and explain your situation. If we have not yet executed the ticket request, we may be able to cancel it and deactivate your account. If it has been executed, however, we cannot cancel or refund your tickets or subscription.

Privacy, Security, and the Terms-of-Use


How does Entertainment-Link protect my privacy?

Your privacy is protected in a number of ways: Entertainment-Link does not sell your information to anyone, so you won’t get any annoying promotional phone calls or emails. We employ a powerful firewall on our server that keeps unauthorized users out. All transactions are protected with powerful 256-bit encryption provided by TrustWave. Click on any of the TrustWave seals on the Entertainment-Link site to view the TrustWave verification. Entertainment-Link employs a blend of technology and ethical commitment to our subscribers and users to provide for a safe and secure online experience.

I want to read the Privacy Policy. Where is it?

We have prepared an extensive Privacy Policy which outlines our commitment to protecting our subscribers and site users. Read it HERE. You also may locate a link to the Privacy Policy on any page of our site in the lower right hand corner.

I want to contact you about your privacy policy.

We welcome your input! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the privacy practices of this site, please contact Entertainment-Link by sending a letter to:

Attn: Privacy Compliance
Entertainment Link LLC
1441 Broadway
Suite 3027
New York City, NY 10018

You may also contact us.


Is the Entertainment Link site secure?

Security remains the primary concern of online consumers. Entertainment Link has redundant security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We are protected by TrustWave’s Trusted Commerce program. Our secure server locket (SSL) software is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure e-commerce transactions (256-bit). It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. To prevent unauthorized access to our servers, we have employed appropriate software and hardware measures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

Tell me more about TrustWave.

Entertainment-Link uses the TrustWave Trusted Commerce Program, which allows you to learn more about web sites you visit before you submit any confidential information. You can check the current safety status of the site by clicking on any of the clearly marked TrustWave seals. TrustWave has screened our company to insure that we are who we say we are: Click on the seal below to display the TrustWave verification window, where you can validate our information. (TrustWave Seal)

Tell me more about SSL.

SSL stands for secure socket layer and is a method of encrypting data. Before data is sent through one of the forms on our site, it is scrambled into completely incoherent characters. It is then sent over the internet from your computer to our servers. When it arrives, an application descrambles it so it may be used by our Support and Ticket Team. We utilize the highest level of encryption available today, 256-bit. Here are a couple ways you can insure you have a secure connection (your information is being encrypted by SSL):

A security alert window tells you that you are about to use a secure connection. This feature may be disabled on certain browsers. Consult your browser help file by pressing F1 to determine how to enable this feature.

An SSL icon appears on the bottom of your browser information bar or in the URL address bar. The following are two common SSL icons:
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I want to contact you about your site security.

We welcome your input! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about our site security, please contact Entertainment Link by sending a letter to:

Attn: Site Security
Entertainment Link LLC
1441 Broadway
Suite 3027
New York City, NY 10018

You may also contact us via email.


How can I be sure you are reliable?

Entertainment Link is a trusted company that has served tens of thousands of subscribers over 10+ years. As a member of the Metropolitan New York BBB, we take our policies seriously, and have received recognition for the integrity of our practices.

Are you BBB-accredited? What’s your rating?

Yes! We have been a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since July 2003, and have an A+ Rating.

From the Better Business Bureau:
Entertainment Link meets all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine Reliability seal.
(BBBOnLine Reliability Seal)

Can I trust the testimonials on your site?

All user reviews on our website are 100% real. But, you can also read our testimonials on Proven Credible (link). Proven Credible’s Verified Testimonial Service is a third party service that ensures all posted reviews are submitted by real user who have actually done business with Entertainment Link by requiring a proof of transaction and two-step verification.


What is a "Terms-of-Use" agreement?

A Terms-of-Use is an agreement between an online service and a user which governs their relationship.

I want to read the Terms. Where are they?

Please visit our Terms-of-Use page for more detailed information about the agreement. You also may locate a link to the Terms-of-Use on any page of our site in the lower right hand corner.

I want to write a letter about your Terms-of-Use - where should I send it?

We welcome your input! If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about our Terms-of-Use, please contact Entertainment Link by sending a letter to:

Attn: Terms-of-Use
Entertainment Link LLC
1441 Broadway
Suite 3027
New York City, NY 10018

You may also contact us via email.



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We use Proven Credible's Testimonial Verification service to let you know our testimonials are REAL. Read more >>


Entertainment-Link has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2003. We have an A+ Rating. We invite you to review our profile >>

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